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Peak Stupid is Real and it’s Real Spectacular!

December 23, 2009

Peak stupid was reached decades ago.  At this point in our short history, we’ve reached absolute metaphysically, cataclysmic proportions of stupid.

Or DEFCON Mauve as Homeland likes to refer to it.

Every day brings us new levels of stupid to dwell upon.  Healthscare, or our wars against the unapproved religions and the pomegranate growers (my new band name by the by.)  Coupled with the stupid, we get word of new lies about the other lies told about…you know, previously undisclosed lies about the lies we’ve already forgotten about.  Then we comfortably lie ourselves to sleep.

Global warming/climate change.  It either bothers you that we’ve ruined shit, or it don’t.  We can attempt to use semi-environmentally/capitalist friendly tampons and Dodge Trucks, or we can just enjoy life until Jesus comes to kill us.

The politics of our politics.  You’re either with us or against us.  Freedom isn’t free because it costs a lot.  Republicans are the chosen ones.  They get to screw whomever they want, wherever they want, whenever they want, and get rich doing it.  Democrats are the ones the Republicans blame for the Republican transgressions against God, nature and on occasion, an innocent diaper or two.

Democrats blame liberal bloggers for the whole enchilada, whilst orally pleasuring the K Street lobbyists and her Pentagon whores with…well, you know, oral pleasure and no bid defense contracts with the CIA and NSA getting it all on video!!

And so it goes…

I could go on, perhaps stay the course.  But that would be real stupid.

I’m off to the mall to participate in the joyousness of this season…thanks everyone, I’m here all week!  Drive carefully and tip well, those humans that serve you.

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