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Conspiracy Heresy

December 11, 2009

Facts, dogma and generally accepted ideals as to who, why and what we do it to and where we do it to them.

Or to be a bit more precise, our made up wars, Patriot Acts and Democracy are all about product placement, not conspiracy.

For example, Iraq, AfPakIranistan are all brought to you by Boeing, the CIA and several hundred other sponsors.  You don’t even want to know how easy it is to buy a Big Mac and a Harley in the old green zone…

Just wait for the new green zones in Kabul and Tehran.  I smell a new Vegas and a new venue for Carrot Top and Criss Angel.

Business is business and we’re in it to win it.  No wide eyed, crying Hadji babies or lack of Osama will stop us.

Even though I am right, do not take my ramblings as gospel.  Read a few articles, take a deep breath and you too will see the forest for the products.

Our President has a Nobel Peace Prize, Blackwater, Triple Canopy and Halliburton have struck gold.

Call it wag the dog, call it a Bushbama Holy War…either way, it’s all about protecting your friends and moral product placement.

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