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Foxx in the Homeland House

November 3, 2009

As I suspected, Homeland Security is not really into securing the Homeland…as the insane Representative Virginia Foxx and Representative Michele Bachman, her co-conspirator of a mind-numbingly stupid human, were not arrested last night by 2100hrs…guess we know who runs the country now.

No sane 9 to 5 working Boeing union member is safe.

Guess we’d better just accept our fate.  Never ending wars on whomever has stuff we want, Mexicans, poopy words in songs on the radio and common sense.

Hey it’s not all bad news!  Humans who still occasionally use common sense in their everyday lives, can pick up the re-released and remastered edition of Nirvana’s Bleach…today!

Rep. Foxx, can you feel my Love Buzz?

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