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Ricker Has Left the Building

October 23, 2009

A few of us uppity, pretend black bloc types, do enjoy the rock music.  Up here in the sticks, that means you bring your own and or
listen to KISW.

So today was the last day at KISW for the Jagermeister gangster known as Ricker.  Love him or hate him, Ricker brought it, and
brought it well.

As I have been drinking and “shooting” my way through the NW for many beer drinking seasons now, I’ve spent some serious hangover time in Portland.  So you hear things.

Rumor control has it, (and I am all about rumor control) that Ricker is heading just down the slow I-5 highway of tailgating death, to Portland Oregon and KUFO.

Since KUFO just fired several of their on air talent…seems this rumor may just have some legs.  We’ll see.

Anyway, good luck to you Ricker…don’t let those other pretend black blocer’s and the pissed off KUFO listeners get you down.  Most of em moved up from Cali and the east coast, like six months ago…cause Portland is full of jobs, awesome stinky weed and the cops
all wear shorts.

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