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The 8 Signs of the Terrorist John Elway

October 6, 2009

After watching John Elway explain to me what a terrorist might look like and or be doing, I was left wanting.

I was left wanting John Elway to be renditioned extraordinarily, to some new President Obama “black site” in Poland, where I will never again have to think of him or the entire state of Colorado.

Fortunately for all of us real patriots, one of my analyst buddies back at Fort Meade sent me something even better.

This top secret Homeland Security training video, reveals for the first time, the methodology to the madness that is the Twink Watching Assessment Terror program.  (better known as T.W.A.T. in
Homeland circles)

I tell you what, the TWAT changed me.  It’ll change you too.  You’ll do a 180, followed by a complete 360 followed yet again by another 180 degrees of change.

Thanks Homeland!

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