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Illegal Brown Humans Ruined Everything

September 1, 2009

Followed closely by the black president in the White House.

This according to my favorite shallow end of the gene poolers, who reside in Bremerton.  Yes it was yet another Rep. Norm Dicks town hall meeting of distraction.  Most of the shallow gene poolers and Obama cheer leading MoveOn.orgers, have yet to catch on to the health scare distraction.

I’d trade my favorite Border Patrol agent in and throw out my manteca, if just one racist patriot had hiself  a little epiphany, or even a little stroke, and asked Norm Dicks about private security contractors like ArmorGroup.

Because when you say AmorGroup you’re also saying Wackenhut.  And when you say Wackenhut you’re also saying GEO Group, which translates to detention centers like this one in Tacoma.  This circle of connections then leads us to ICE, Border Patrol and Fresh Del Monte Produce?

That’s right patriot, you are on to something!  Except illegal brown humans are not ruining anything…they’re actually part of a multi-billion dollar program of government/corporate greed and employment.

How cool is that Jethro?

For those of you into searching The Google, enter some of those funny sounding names like GEO Group, Tacoma, ICE, Fresh Del Monte Produce and Wackenhut.  Guess what names in the Bush Administration will start popping up?  Guess which wars, U.S. government spy agencies and other well known corporations show up in your search?

I think at least two of you know what I mean.  If you catch my drift.  Wink wink, nudge nudge.
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