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Dicks Turkey Paid for By Bin Laden

July 31, 2009

As we struggle to get passed what beer Obama drank or why we don’t call Blue Dog Democrats, Republicans…we have already forgotten our confusion about calling torture what it was.  Condoned.

We will watch teevee personalities argue about birth certificates, abortion and Sarah Palin…then go back to work with a flag sticker in the window and a yellow ribbon of troop support affixed to the rear of our Saudi, Pentagon and Oil Corporation vehicles of freedom.

We are really quite hilarious, racist and stupid.  I’d laugh some more at you and I, but then I’d run out of room for the Dicks Turkey and his bin Laden.  And Norm thought I was going to forget about him…

Coming soon to the Lens, Turkey as in the country, 9-11, the Taliban!, dirty Russians, Afghanistan, bin Laden’s money, CIA with their Chinese Uighurs and Norm!

Say Boeing, you might want to find another boy.  Norm is becoming a bit too much like a Palin liability.

In the meantime, enjoy some Freeway and Brother Ali.  I think they’re talking to you Norm.

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