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“Joint” Chiefs Chairman Mullen is Stoned

July 24, 2009


Admiral Mike Mullen is baked.  For some reason, he is now infuriated about detainee abuse.  Mike is so incensed, he released a memo to his subordinates saying “Hey fellas, lay of the torture, eh? And lets add some more training to our new recruits.”  “Yours, Mike.”

Sure Mike knows that all new troops are already taught to disobey illegal orders.  Mike knows that blaming the young enlisted FNG’s is a much easier distraction for you to buy.  Mike is also aware that most of the idiots torturing and raping their way across the planet, were not actually those young FNG’s right out of boot.  They were well trained professional rapists and torturers.  Trained by some of Mikes very own fuckups in his direct chain of command.  Mike knows how to say CIA, DOD and civilian contractors.  Mike knows that Stan McChrystal, his General in Afghanistan and best friend of the Tillman family, personally witnessed and may have inflicted some of his own justice in the fun filled torture places like camp Nama and other black sites.  Should I go on mike?  Because we all know it starts at the top.

No,  Admiral Mullen is not only stoned, he’s a liar.  Too late to rewrite history and your involvement in it, Mike.

In other stoner news, Gil Kerlikowske our nations Stoner Czar, says this “Legalization is not in the president’s vocabulary, and it’s not in mine.”  Gil also had this to say, “Marijuana is dangerous and has no medicinal benefit.”

Notice Gil did not mention alcohol, tobacco, new blood boiling weapons, Aids…or even fake wars that kill millions.

Thanks for the show Mike…Gil, but there are at least 312 of us out here who are not buying it.

Fait accompli eh gentlemen?

  1. July 25, 2009 11:10

    When word came of the abuse at Abu Ghraib prison, government credibility was lost.

    I have never worked in a military prison. I can only imagine what proper procedures may require.

    I served in various Marine units, stateside, peacetime & 2.5 years overseas ‘79-’99. None of of the units I was in were anything more than average Marine units.

    At a typical stateside, peacetime unit, watches were posted after normal working hours. The lower ranking people were posted at the barracks to make rounds to make sure there were no fires, beer drinking, loud music, women staying overnight, people tearing up the place etc.

    Something like a Staff Sergeant or Gunnery Sergeant (E6/7) would be in charge of the whole battalion area after hours. These people would go check to make sure the motor transport lot was secure, no-one was stealing diesel fuel, etc. They would check the personnel office, the chow hall, etc. They would check the barracks too, walking up the back way through the parking lot to see if anyone was drinking beer, etc. If they found something amiss, they would light up the guy posted at the barracks as to why he was not taking charge of the area.

    There would be something like a Captain on watch at the higher headquarters and he would make the rounds too.

    Anything goes wrong while you are standing “duty” you will be held accountable- mess it up and you will pay.

    When we went overseas we could not go out in town to drink beer without a “liberty brief” where you were told about local customs, courtesies, cultural sensitivities, how to get around without getting into trouble, etc.

    This experience would be the same for hundreds of thousands of others who have served in uniform over the years.

    I am thinking a military prison would have interior cameras-something like casino security and people of various ranks patrolling around to keep an eye on things in the wee hours.

    The war in Iraq has involved operations in a region with huge cultural and religious sensitivities. How could anyone working in a military prison not be completely clear on the proper way to conduct business Re: military prisoners?

    We have security cameras in our mini marts and casinos, but none in place to prevent international incidents inside our military prisons, or to counter the idea that people at the top had no clue what was going on. Top level people retire, troops go to jail.


  2. lens1 permalink*
    July 25, 2009 19:24

    Sounds like my Air Force experience, except we had even more security. I worked with those assets that must not be confirmed or denied. Oh, and I bet we had better food…

    But yes, the torture, the rapes, the children…everyone knew, from the top brass like Admiral Mike, to Bush, Cheney on down to the lowest grunt to the civilians making burgers on our bases in country.

    The question remains. What the hell are we Americans going to do about it? Even worse yet, how many new enemies has this nightmare that was the Bush years created?

    Thanks Alex.


  3. Ginger permalink
    July 26, 2009 03:47

    The worst part isn’t the huge number of enemies the Bush years created, but the fact that Americans, for the most part, don’t give two shits about it. We were outraged for a nanosecond, and then we realized we were out of pork rinds and beer. So we had to go to Walmart, and they had a sale on stuff, and we needed stuff… and… well..

    Didn’t somebody say something about some brown people somewhere else having a bad day?

    I guess it wasn’t that important.

    Hey, where’s the beer?


  4. JJ MADD permalink
    July 27, 2009 18:11

    Well I don’t have any military experience, but I have no reason not to believe what these veterans say. Actually I don’t disagree with anyone on this topic either. But I would say Ginger, what are any of us doing about any of the shit going on today in our country? Does our conversation here make us better than the homer simpson americans glued to their TV’s. I don’t really ask to challenge anyone, I ask because I believe a lot of people do care, but are unaware how to take on such huge national issues. What really does make a difference? It certainly is not going to be solved by those that we elect. The issues are just so huge and EVERYONE believes their bullshit is more important than the person next to them. I am frustrated as well, but where does that go?


    • lens1 permalink*
      July 27, 2009 23:05

      It may be hard to believe, but you’ve already taken a bigger step than most, by just posting a comment on a well watched blog such as this. Not watched by Ashton Kutcher’s millions of Twitterer’s mind you, it’s the Homeland Security readers, my friends at DOJ, DOD and many other private firms with a cock in the fight, that lets me know I hit nerves on occasion. You help send a message…

      Will this little blog change anything? No. But it reaches enough teevee watchers to make a few of them think about some things. And any time the seed of doubt can take hold…the better for us all.

      Cindy Sheehan was in town yesterday, one of the strongest humans I’ve ever met. She has taken more shit from the insane cult members on the right and from main stream Democrats just to the left of the right. She gets skewered by the media and thousands of other screaming shallow gene pool dwellers. They call her a media whore among other things and that tells me, she scares the right people. And Palin the quitter thinks she’s had it so bad…

      The point being, Cindy makes me feel like I am not doing enough. So we all tend to feel frustrated and ineffectual at times.

      In other words, our war machine and our corporate owned Congress are not going to change any time soon. But I think, in the last two years or so, they have actually tasted fear for the first time. More of us are on to them and that is bad for business.

      Thanks JJ, no easy answers from me!

      Oh watch for a video here on the blog, about some of those corporate owned Congresshumans and their fear of Obama the black man and his birth certificate. Great example of what the fuck is sick in DC.


    • Ginger permalink
      August 2, 2009 10:54

      The issues are huge. Think of it like one of those houses where an obsessive compulsive collector lives. Sure the trash is as high as your nose in every single room… but you start by starting. There is no other way. Reach out and toss out the first piece of two year old cat shit. Then repeat.

      If everyone did something then we would see change. But so many people say it’s too big of a mess, what can I do?

      Do something for Christ’s sake!


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