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Iowa Hit by Gay Tornado

April 27, 2009

A tornado of questionable orientation, slammed into an Iowa campground on Sunday, destroying five trailers and leaving three copies of Passport Magazine in it’s wake.  Heterosexual campers were able to escape injury by seeking shelter in a bathhouse.  Damage to the immediate area was reported as, ironic.

In somewhat related news, Pastor Eric Schumacher of the Northbrook Baptist Church saw this disaster coming from a mile away.  Pastor Schumacher has been busy preparing for this coming disaster of gayness, by stocking up his anti-gay marriage pantry with anti-gay items like garlic, two worn copies of Black Belt Patriotism and several pairs of knee-high black socks.

In news that might make Pastor Schumacher happy, or not, it turns out that most men over 50 may not need that annual prostate exam after all.  Go here to probe further.

I love Iowa.

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