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Some Crap Not Found in the PI

March 12, 2009's not's not

Ari Goldman, a professor employed by the over priced Journalism School at Columbia University, says fuck new media.

Ari is also one of the nations leading religion journalists and co-directs Columbia’s Religion-Journalism Dual M.A. program. Ari still says, fuck new media.

Ponder this over educated human and his penchant for religion and journalism. Consider the fine job journalists have done in recent times, exposing truthiness. Try to envision a time when journalists were as “revered” as they are now. Now dwell on the price of any degree from Columbia University.

Ah fuck, don’t listen to me. My Jr. High level edumicashion, wouldn’t know its subject verb agreement, from its coordinating/sub coordinating, conjuction filled ass. Or something.

Fortunately, Glenn Greenwald writes and comprehends this language thing, much better than I do. He has a few things to say about journalism and those who think that they are practicing it. Check it out, right here.

But otherwise, yes, fuck new media and the horse it road in on.

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