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Janet Napolitano, Meet the Horses Ass

March 2, 2009

So I was making my daily porn and dirty-liberal blog rounds, when I noticed Goldy at the Horses Ass had stolen one of my photos. Turns out it was Lee, and he didn’t actually steal it. Lee posted about the never ending pretend war on drugs, then added a few words about the Border Patrol and it’s pretend war on terror.

Well done and welcome to the party.

So here’s the deal. I get plenty of Homeland and DOD types reading the Lens just about every day. So I thought I’d introduce Janet and friends to you guys there at Horses Ass. As an added bonus, I’m offering up the video shot by a Mexican hunting terrorist hunting Border Patrol agent in Port Angeles. It shows the level of training and street smarts needed…to catch brown terrorists for the GEO Group. Be sure to watch for Port Townsend attorney Paul Richmond who is filming the agent that made the video. Richmond is in the first photo of the video.

Nice yes? Any questions can be forwarded to Joseph Giuliano or Janet Napolitano in DC.
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