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Monty Python, Smarter than Edgar Bronfman Jr.

January 26, 2009

Monty Python still gets it. Greedy humans like Edgar Bronfman and corporations like the Warner Music Group, Sony BMG, the RIAA and the MPAA…do not. Kind of like any fucktard connected to Fox News.

No, Edgar and friends do not get it. This is why YouTube videos and the sound on Austin Powers movie clips, get disabled. This happens because Warner Music and friends own the world and they could give a shit. This also happens because there are no dirty liberals running the major media/music outlets. They’re all too busy housing terrorists and Marxists, while worshiping at the alter of John Stewart.

As per usual, it takes someone or something out of the ordinary, to change things. Enter Monty Python, again. These guys have been making fun of the establishment for a long, long, long, long time. They are old, smart, still funny and they get it. If I were into 81 year old funny men…

Anyway, Monty Python had opened up their videos on YouTube. You can post them anywhere, sleep with them, whatever. All they asked in return was that we consider buying a few of them. And it worked. Python DVD sales at Amazon? Up 23,000%. Go here to read more.

Now go buy a Monty Python DVD and feed your Marxist in the back bedroom. He’s hungry.

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