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Rossi the Crying Indian

August 9, 2008

The BIAW and their Dino Rossi are in deep shit. Gregoire’s hiring freeze, fantastical traffic solutions, and promises of a return to Republican GOP glory in Olympia, has not translated into… much of anything.

Tough times Dino. Maybe you and Norm Dicks should team up and become the duo of change?

OK, Norm wouldn’t be caught dead with you…so I guess you had no other choice Dino. You had to go Native on our asses.

You can follow Dino’s transformation over at The Postman on Politics blog. Click here, if you so desire. Or just watch this short clip I found on Dino’s new gimmick. You fuckers at the BIAW are hilarious!

Don’t get me wrong, my Grandfather was Huron and we kicked some white ass back in the day…but you’ve just lost most, if not all of Dino’s white trash vote. Way to go guy’s! I’d start that search for another “partisan” Chelan County judge…right away!

I bid you….atra’ skwizu’ di….you’ll need it.

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