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The Proportional Deduction Train

May 29, 2008

Dino’s train of goofy deduction will have to be dusted off and rolled out again, soon. Dino is already losing. He needs another gimmick and fast! So when you need a gimmick who ya gonna call? Well, if you are incapable of coming up with a decent “re-election” team, you call the deep pockets of the BIAW.

There is no accounting for the thought process in some used house salesmen….

Some advice for any wanna be Governors in the future.

  • When you want to steal elections, do not use “real” Republican Judges in Central Washington.
  • Do not use State Representatives who sell jet skis and boats.
  • Stay far, far away from Tim Eyman.
  • Try to distance yourself from four out of five convicted felons who agree with your stance, on anything.

Listen for the propaganda for Rossi, paid for by the BIAW. It will soon fill the airwaves of the homeland.

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