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March 12, 2008


Congressman Norm Dicks is one pissed off politician. Rep. Dicks really isn’t all that upset that Boeing lost to a corporation that is located outside the homeland and run by evil Frenchman. No, what really has Norm pissing blood is the fact that his 30 years of pandering to the military industrial complex, meant nothing to the Air Force. 30 years of painstakingly crafted political gamesmanship, earmarks and favors that in the end, meant nothing. Norm was rendered irrelevant.

Reality has understandably hit Norm pretty hard. Welcome to the club Normy…..

Representative, I offer you some advise. Do not come home for this next vacation Norm. Stay in DC, eat nothing from France then talk with these people. Talk with these Iraq Veterans Norm. There are bigger things at stake than your pride. Talk with Congressmen Kucinich and Wexler, they have important news for you about this fool.

End the crisis in this country Norm, fight for the Constitution. You can fight, piss and moan for Boeing some other time.

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