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Freedom Fries. Pronounced “Alabama” in French.

March 3, 2008


So it’s a new day. Boeing lost and apparently size did matter to the Air Force. Our Washington State fraternity of politicians are hell bent to get to the bottom of this tanker deal. They feel they have been lied to and say Washingtonians deserve jobs more than Alabamans. Oh, and you just can’t trust the French.

Alabama Governor Bob Riley is happy about what this could mean for his state. Just don’t ask Bob about 60 minutes, Karl Rove or jailed former Gov. Don Siegelman.

Lets just cut through all the political theater and bullshit. You want to lay blame? Lay it here, Michael Sears, Darleen Druyan, Philip Condit and Harry Stonecipher.

Take a minute to soak all this in. If you are angry about Boeing, then the actions of corporations like Blackwater, Halliburton, The Geo Group, Bechtel, Custer Battles and ExxonMobile, should have you spitting up blood.

How about it Norm, Patty? You two spitting up blood yet?

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