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The Reign of Dicks

January 24, 2008


The reign of Dicks, has about run it’s course. This reign has lasted 30 years. This overly long reign of Dicks belongs to Congressman Norm Dicks, of Washington State fame. Rep. Dicks has a list of accomplishments as long as he is tall. Unfortunately, Norms not very tall.

Norm has no conscience, morals or balls. Of course as most of us know, Norm is not alone in his lack of stones. Nor is he alone in playing constituents for fools. No more Norm. Times up. Your legacy of 30 years of a liberal voting record is lost. It means nothing.

I’ll get into the specifics of your pork and your love of all things military in another post…..because you need to listen to us now Norm. Your constituents, not your biggest contributors. We want you to grow a pair Norm.

Pass this on to your lazy staff because they are going to be busier than ever. First, walk down the hall to Reps. Wexler and Kucinich and tell them you are on board. Second, have your staff contact the rest of the spineless Democratic and Republican Representatives you no doubt have great influence over. Tell them it’s time. Then march on over to Rep. Conyers office and tell him the plan. The plan is doing your jobs. Impeachment will begin on your word Norm.

Can you repair your legacy? Try saving America. Now thats a legacy saver eh Norm?

So Norm here are some key names and words of interest for you to use when “convincing” the spineless. The uninformed reader can play along too! Thanks Norm, we’re counting on you.

Sibel Edmonds. This is big Norm. Go here for more.

Those lies Rep. Kucinich mentioned on the floor recently? The 935 lies that preceded the “war”. There are a lot more than that, right Norm?

Speaking of problems, you and SUBASE Bangor go way back Norm. I submit for your perusal another minor problem.

Did I mention Sibel? This is very bad Norm….could wake a few sleepy Americans up….

None of these guys are connected to you, right Norm?

Oh and look here Norm, goofy old Dick Cheney wants more from you too. You’re just going to laugh at him, yes? No?

Things are getting messy, people are talking. What are you and your complicit friends going to do Norm?

Tag, your it.

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