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Mission Accomplished. And More!

October 18, 2007


The USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72) passed by town today. Being nostalgic to a fault, I was filled with fond remembrance of our fearless leader proclaiming that the mission was indeed accomplished, as he stood on the deck of the Lincoln. That was May of 2003. Whats new since then? Too much to enjoy reading here. But as some may have feared, I did compile a few things to ponder…

Since May of ’03, approximately 3660 more U.S.troops have died in Iraq. Well over 25,000 were wounded. More than 1000 contractors have died since then as well. Iraqi civilian deaths? It does happen. Numbers range from 90,000 to over a million…

Over 2 million Iraqi refugees have fled to places like Syria, Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon. We promised to take in 7000 Iraqis this year. So far, 1608 have been allowed to come to America this year. Some day we have promised to allow 25,000 Iraqis a taste of freedom in America. Your welcome Iraq!

We spend 2 billion dollars a week spreading democracy in Iraq.

And look, just today the GOP blocked health care coverage for children, as the House failed to override the Bush veto on SCHIP.

And not to be out done, Intelligence Committee Democrats today compromised with the White House to go ahead and offer telephone companies retroactive immunity from prosecution over illegal wiretapping of you. And me. Thank you Senators Rockefeller and Feinstein! But wait! Thanks may be in order for Senator Dodd, who has put a hold on the FISA bill…

I could wander aimlessly on…. I shall spare you, and end with a little quote from Dennis Kucinich (no “little” jokes, please). Dennis says, ” Now the people in the Administration of George Bush better remember their Miranda rights, because when I’m elected President I’m going to see that they are arrested. I’m not kidding here! I want to let you to know something; how I feel about what’s happened to our country. We have been led into a war based upon lies — an unjust a war. We’ve seen our civil liberties taken away because of lies. The President, the Vice President, the Secretary of State, and the Secretary of Defense are all part of this. They’re going to be held accountable under the law. If someone runs a traffic light, they’ll get a ticket here. There are a million dead Iraqis and almost 4,000 dead American soldiers as a result of this war. Where is the accountability? What’s happened is that our constitution is being torn up. And in this toxic environment, the Administration, in its never-ending quest for more scapegoats, focuses on immigrants. You know it and I know it. And we see, unfortunately, the failure of the Democratic Party to stand up to this Administration. “

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