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Standing Tall at the Bottom

January 5, 2013

meanwhile at the bottom of the ditch
another successful municipal dig
the offending water main

the skilled operation of the track-hoe
except by those
at the bottom of the ditch

amongst the laborers
conversation turns from
football, beer, and conquests
to footwear

1/4 of the crew swears by Red Wing
another 1/4 would die with their White’s Boots on
the third 1/4 doesn’t give a shit
while the last two 1/4′s prove why
some water mains mysteriously break

the offending water main
footwear arguments subside
fill the hole
ignore the math
football, beer, and conquests
one day closer to retirement


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  1. January 5, 2013 11:53

    I love the picture!

    • January 5, 2013 14:14

      About the only photo of footwear I had…might have to work on that : )
      Thanks Whimsy!

      • January 6, 2013 06:46

        I hadn’t even noticed them really…was noticing the patterns in between them. :)

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