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Rage Against Looking Forward

October 18, 2012

Ellsberg Moving Forward in Flex-cuffs

I remember when Rage Against the Machine were trying to tell us something
Mostly during the reign of Clinton

That now seems a little ironic

I remember meeting Daniel Ellsberg in handcuffs — as well as when he was not
Daniel says it’s time to vote for the lesser evil
Because we don’t have a choice

This too seems a little ironic

Romney is a Mormon 
Bruce Jessen is also a Mormon who tortured POW’s for the CIA
Bruce lives in Spokane, where Mormons live as well
There’s a torture school just up the hill from Spokane
President Obama looked forward…
Bruce Jessen is still free to be a Mormon in Spokane

Only if a reversal of expectation has occurred
And that actually never happens here

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